1957 Chevrolet Survey

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1957 Chevrolet Survey – In the April 1957 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine new 1957 Chevrolet owners expressed their opinion of the Sweet, Smooth and Sassy Chevrolet. Does a car have to be the longest, lowest and widest in its field to sell? In 1957, Chevrolet was out to prove it does not and Chevrolet owners seem to agree, although there were some dissenters in this 54 year old survey.

The survey said Chevrolet owners praised its power and said it was still the “Hot One”. They rated performance and acceleration as the best liked features. However, those who complained most frequently mention poor gas mileage. The best liked features of the 1957 Chevrolet owners included performance, acceleration, handling and exterior styling. Even today 1957 Chevrolet exterior styling is still one of it’s most popular features. Must be the fins.

1957 Chevrolet Owners Opinion In 1957
1957 Chevrolet Survey – 1957 Chevrolet Owners Opinion In 1957
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In 1957, Chevrolet owners complained also. However, 1957 Chevrolet owners were more satisfied with their new cars than they were in 1956. Chevrolet owners by 41.7% stated that they have no complaints at all when compared with 30.1% on the 1956 Chevy. Complaints included poor gas mileage, poor assembly work, low ground clearance and body noises. Some owners stated that the 1957 Chevy was too long, or too low, or too fast. This is especially interesting in the case of Chevrolet as it was the shortest and highest car of the Big Three. One owner complained it was necessary to take off his hat to enter his car. Once I am seated, it’s okay. 1957 Chevy owners were asked what should be changed. Some owners wanted two lighted ash trays on the dashboard. Others wanted more comfortable seats, more leg room and wanted the body lower.

1957 Chevrolet Four Door Hardtop
1957 Chevrolet Four Door Hardtop

Asked about Chevy styling, owners did not like the two hood ornaments. Other wanted larger tail lights and higher up. One California housewife stated – Don’t let the fins go any higher.

1957 Chevrolet Convertible
1957 Chevrolet Convertible

1957 Chevy Nomad
1957 Chevrolet Nomad
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