Waynes 1957 Chevy

1957 Chevrolet Hardtops For Sale

Wayne’s 1957 Chevy – It’s great to find old friends after more than 40 years. It’s even better to find out they still share the same passion for classic 1957 Chevy’s after all this time. Wayne and I grew up in the small town of Eunice, Louisiana. The mid-1960s was our time. Our time to build, drive and enjoy the greatest cars since World War II, the 1955, 1956 and especially the 1957 Chevy. The 1957 Chevrolet is the most popular American collector car of all time.

Wayne and I lost touch with each other for 40 years due to a conflict in Southeast Asia. Wayne joined the Army and served his country for a couple of years, one in Vietnam. When he returned home he settled in Lafayette, Louisiana and eventually opened Wayne’s Auto Center. Wayne was a great mechanic, working on everything from outboard motors to motorcycles and 1950s classic cars in the 1960s. During the 1970s Wayne’s Auto Center was doing well. In 1976 Wayne found a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 Door Hard Top for sale and this fueled his passion to once again own a Tri-Five Classic Chevy.

1957 Chevy - 1957 Chevrolet 2 Door Hard Top
Wayne’s 1957 Chevrolet 2 Door Hard Top
’57 Chevy For Sale

The 57 Chevy he found for sale didn’t have an engine or transmission. So a 350 cubic inch Chevy small block with a 4 bolt main was found and rebuilt. This engine was equipped with a 4 barrel carburetor and a 2 speed powerglide.

Except for the engine and transmission the car was original. The body was straight and only needed some minor body work. This was done by a friend that worked for Service Chevrolet in Lafayette. The car was then painted a solid Sierra Gold by Eddie Fresh of Raceland, LA who had been employed by Tante Paint and Body of New Orleans, LA. A reproduction interior was ordered out of Canada and installed by Ernest Roger.

1957 Chevy - Sierra Gold 1957 Chevrolet
Sierra Gold 1957 Chevrolet

I kept my ’57 for about seven or eight years and decided to sell it. I found an interested buyer and sold it and haven’t seen it since.

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